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ANTARA's distribution service on the web basis gives easy and comfortable access to all the latest news with different categories round the clock everyday.more

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Distribution and collection of different news photos with different themes of the standardized photo news agency. The photos are the products of ANTARA's experienced photo journalists.more

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Writing and disseminating news release (texts and photos) fast, accurately and easily to across the world through ANTARA's customer network and Asianet.more

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Providing audio visual products of good quality to local, national and global television networks in the forms of features and documentaries. more

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Real-time information on domestic and international money markets in the forms of data, graphics, analysis and news directly from the bourses. more

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ANTARA's centre for professional journalistic training with experienced instructors, experts and journalistic practitioners as well as comprehensive and latest training modules on journalistic coverage, journalistic photography and public relations. The journalistic training is designed for the public and corporations. more

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Print media publication with integrated services consultation, editorial, printing and distribution. more

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Event organizer for seminars, workshops, conventions and other big functions at a strategic location with complete facilities. more





ANTARA has been officially serving as a National News Agency since 1962. It was declared as a public corporation in July, 2007. With 32 bureaus nationwide, a number of representative offices and correspondents abroad, ANTARA is now trusted to be the president of the Organization of Asia-Pacific News Agency (OANA) for the 2007-2010 period. more


Mon, 27 Jun 2016 07:07:22 +0700

FM expresses deep condolences over death of ambassador Alex Litaay

Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi has expressed deep condolences over the death of Indonesian ambassador to Croatia Alexander

Mon, 27 Jun 2016 07:04:33 +0700

Malaysia detains 19 Indonesian fishermen: Spokesperson

The Rokan Hilir District office of the All Indonesian Fishermen Association (HNSI) in Riau Province has asked the Central

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Presenting ANTARA's products in a real-time basis through Satellite System, Internet, Mobile Phone, and also Providing certain news products conventionally to customers through Bulletin more


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